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How McConnell’s proposed trial will work

If the Senate majority leader has his way, President Trump's impeachment trial will be short and quick. With swing senators in favor of this resolution, it’s expected to pass.
Watch live coverage and analysis of today’s impeachment trial proceedings. (Video: The Post; photo: Sarah L. Voisin/The Post)
The Legal Teams
Adam B. Schiff, House Intelligence Committee chairman
The California Democrat is known for distilling complicated subjects clearly and having a willingness to go after Trump’s soft spots.
Jerrold Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee
The New York Democrat leads the committee traditionally in charge of impeachment and shepherded the articles through Congress.
Zoe Lofgren, chair of the House Committee on House Administration
The California Democrat, who is serving her 13th term, is one of the most experienced members of Congress on impeachment.
Hakeem Jeffries, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus
House Speaker Pelosi described the New York Democrat as “an accomplished litigator in private practice” before seeking office.
Val Demings, member of the Intelligence and Judiciary committees
The Florida Democrat was the first female police chief in Orlando, and Pelosi cited her law enforcement background as a strength.
Jason Crow, member of the House Armed Services Committee
The Democrat from Colorado served as an Army Ranger and was partner in a law firm in Colorado.
Sylvia Garcia, member of the House Judiciary Committee
The first-term Texas Democrat was a municipal judge in Houston and was one of the first Latinas elected to Congress from Texas.
Pat Cipollone, White House Counsel
Republican lawmakers have described Cipollone as the “quarterback” for Trump’s legal strategy.
Jay Sekulow
Sekulow is the leader of the president’s personal legal team and he represented Trump during special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s Russia investigation.
Kenneth W. Starr
Starr is the independent counsel who investigated President Bill Clinton.
Alan Dershowitz
Dershowitz is the Harvard Law emeritus professor who advised the defense team in football star O.J. Simpson’s murder trial.
Pam Bondi
Bondi was the attorney general in Florida for eight years and has a number of ties to Trump.
Robert Ray
Ray is the former independent counsel, replacing Starr in October 1999, who oversaw the agreement with Clinton that averted a possible criminal trial.
Pat Philbin, deputy counsel to the president
Philbin is Cipollone’s right-hand man, his most senior deputy in the White House’s legal office.
Mike Purpura, deputy White House counsel
Purpura took the lead on battling to prevent White House grand jury testimony from the Mueller investigation from being made public.

Lev Parnas is talking. So where is Igor Fruman, his onetime sidekick and fellow Giuliani associate?

Holed up under house arrest, Fruman has split with Parnas, retained counsel from President Trump’s world and stayed true to his reputation as the quiet partner in the Soviet-born duo who stumbled into an impeachment scandal.
Thomas Minar spent about seven years in the District before leaving to be president of Franklin College. He allegedly attempted to meet a 15-year-old who turned out to be an undercover police officer.
In the video, the former NBA star is shirtless, handcuffed and incoherent along the side of a road in Prince George’s County. West, 36, has long struggled with bipolar disorder and last played in the NBA for the Dallas Mavericks during the 2011-2012 season.
Egil Krogh
Following the publication of the Pentagon Papers, he signed off on a 1971 plan to break into the Beverly Hills office of Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist. He later spent years teaching and lecturing about ethics.
DeMatha and O’Connell also secured big wins at the Hoophall Classic, a national basketball showcase in Springfield, Mass., making it a statement afternoon for the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference.
Foster's agent told NFL Network that the linebacker suffered long-lasting damage after tearing ligaments in his left knee back in May.
A practical effect is that the health-care law will probably remain in place through the fall elections.
The report from the Civil Aviation Organization called for help from U.S. and French authorities in decoding the flight recorders.
Homero Gómez González spent years protecting the monarch butterflies that migrate to Mexico each winter. He was last seen Jan. 13.
The Past, Rediscovered
Bayard Rustin, who helped Martin Luther King Jr. plan the March on Washington, was sent to the Los Angeles County jail and made to register as a sex offender in 1953. On the anniversary of his arrest, lawmakers in California are asking the governor to posthumously pardon Rustin.
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